Famous for his lavish tastes and passion for unique cars, Travis Scott bought a $4 million Ferrari LaFerrari and took Kylie Jenner shopping, leaving fans in awe of how much its luxury.

Travis Scott—who is famous for his lavish taste and love of exotic cars—bought the LaFerrari. A few years later, though, he decided to sell it because he had his sights set on a different model, the Aperta, and he is a meticulous automobile collector.

Take a look at Travis Scott’s garage collection.

Famous automotive specialist Obi Okeke, also known as Dr. Bugatti, took an interest in the 499-only LaFerrari. Okeke is well-known for his work with the amazing automobile collection of boxing legend Floyd Mayweather. Thanks to its rarity and association with the top-charting musician, this particular LaFerrari was worth a pretty penny, and Okeke helped sell it to a posh Ferrari dealership in Silicon Valley.

In anticipation of a possible four million dollar windfall, the dealership has now formally put the beautiful wҺip up for sale. Given the jaw-dropping qualities of the LaFerrari, it’s not surprising. Any vehicle lover would be аmаzed by this automotive miracle’s acceleration from 0 to 124 MPH in under 6.9 seconds, thanks to its potent V12 engine.

The sale of Travis Scott’s previous LaFerrari is sure to generate a lot of interest from the luxury vehicle community, as fans and collectors anxiously seek the opportunity to buy a piece of automotive history that carries a hint of celebrity significance.

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