Why improving the Warriors shouldn’t be an all-or-nothing proposition?

Why Warriors shouldn't take all-or-nothing route to improve

The Golden State Warriors must consider all their options when it comes to retooling their roster this offseason — even if that means trading picks and young players for, or creating space for, non-superstar talent.

Acquiring a superstar such as Kevin Durant might be ideal for Golden State, but this season’s playoffs should convince Warriors general manager Mike Dunleavy Jr. to also consider adding high-level role players.

The New York Knicks and Dallas Mavericks transformed from middle-of-the-pack teams into championship contenders this season through trades that netted them OG Anunoby (Knicks), P.J. Washington (Dallas), and Daniel Gafford (Dallas).

None of these players are superstars or even All-Star talents, but they helped change the course of their teams’ seasons. The Knicks went 20-3 with Anunoby in the lineup this regular season. Dallas was 28-23 before the trade deadline and is now on the brink of its first NBA Finals appearance since 2011 after adding Washington and Gafford.

Even though the deal happened in 2022, the Boston Celtics trading for a role player Derrick White has also changed the trajectory of their franchise.

The value of having these “glue guys” is evident. So, rather than punting on the offseason and standing pat if a deal for a superstar falls through, Dunleavy Jr. must be open to trading assets or clearing out cap space for high-level role players who can maximize Stephen Curry while he’s in his late prime.

Here are the “glue guys” the Warriors should target:

Nic Claxton and Mikal Bridges

Given Brooklyn Nets majority owner Joe Tsai’s signaling of a potential rebuild this offseason, the Warriors should target Claxton (11.8 PPG and 9.9 RPG) and Bridges (19.6 PPG) or both.

Claxton would be an excellent fit for Golden State, as his versatility as a rim runner, lob threat and rim protector fills holes for the Warriors.

Claxton would also maximize Draymond Green’s defense, allowing Green to play his natural position of power forward. With Claxton on the team, Green could roam as a free safety while conserving energy by avoiding defending centers.

Bridges would also be a seamless fit for the Warriors. He is an elite “3-and-D” player (37.2% from three last season) with championship experience who can be a go-to scoring option in spurts.

Sharing the court with Curry, Bridges would get numerous open looks, allowing the Villanova product to further hone his three-point shot and defense.

With Claxton a pending free agent, Golden State would likely have to facilitate a sign-and-trade with Brooklyn to acquire him and Bridges. Claxton is projected to command a salary in the $20 million-per-year range, while Bridges is set to earn $23.3 million next season.

Golden State could offer a package centered on Jonathan Kuminga (16.1 PPG), Andrew Wiggins (13.2 PPG), another one of their young players and draft picks.

At the very least, Brooklyn could acquire a promising young player in Kuminga, who turns 22 in October, to jump-start its rebuild. The Nets would also be receiving future Warriors draft picks, likely to be high as the Dubs will be past the Curry era by the time the picks are in effect. In addition to these assets, the Nets can flip Wiggins, or whoever else they choose to take from Golden State, into more draft picks.

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