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The Sexiest Rides of 2021 by Beyoncé and Jay-Z Will Encourage You to Become a Multimillionaire

When you’re so famous that everything you own becomes iconic, it’s no wonder that the entire world wants to know more about what you ride, also. Although they are one of the most popular power couples in the world, Beyonce and Jay-Z like to keep their privacy, so most of their outings and fancy toys are shrouded in mystery. Still, the world got to peek inside their ultra-lavish lifestyle throughout 2021, and these were some of their most amazing rides.

For a couple of billionaires who have conquered people’s hearts and reached phenomenal levels of success, Beyonce and Jay-Z never disappoint, showing the world exactly what they’d expect to see – the most expensive vehicles, the most opulent vacations onboard famous superyachts, and outrageously-luxurious rides even for casual events.

Throughout the years, we’ve heard about the private jet that the superstar bought for her husband’s 𝐛𝐢𝐫𝐭𝐡day or about his multiple high-end cars, so here are the highlights of 2021, in terms of their capricious (aka ridiculously expensive) rides.

World’s Most Expensive Car, the Rolls-Royce Boat Tail

The news that Beyonce and Jay-Z were the first owners of the ultra-exclusive, gorgeous Rolls-Royce Boat Tail blew everyone away in the spring of 2021. The $24.8 million (£20 million) Boat Tail instantly became the most expensive new car in the world and highly inaccessible, with only three to be built. Although the rumor of the two being the first to purchase it was never officially confirmed, the carmaker’s presentation of the Boat Tail hinted heavily at them.

Photo: Rolls-RoyceThe owners were described as two successful people known for their work and art curation, who want to celebrate their achievements together with family – that does sound like Bey and Jay. But other details confirm it. The sunning vehicle is blue (known to be a special color for them), and it includes a bespoke, high-end picnic set with a fridge that cools champagne to the precise temperature that they prefer (6 degrees Celsius). Obviously, this would be no ordinary picnic but an exquisite one on the Cote d’Azur.

The ultimate statement of relaxed ultra-luxury” – this is how the famous automotive designer Frank Stephenson described Rolls Royce’s new coachbuilding project, and we’d say it’s an accurate description of the couple’s lifestyle as well. Although he only rated it seven out of ten, claiming that it’s vastly overpriced, Stephenson admitted that the Boat Tail is “an object of art.” A perfect one for a billionaire pair, who gives a new meaning to the concept of bespoke vehicles.

Jeff Bezos’Alleged Megayacht, the Controversial Flying Fox

A bit of controversy spiced up the Beyonce and Jay-Z saga last summer, the season when all celebrities begin parading their extravagant yachts. The two have been spotted on ultra-glam superyachts before, but they enjoyed an extended vacation onboard a special one in 2021. Special not just because it was one of the world’s most expensive ones, costing $4 million per week to charter, but also because it was rumored to belong to none other than the space cowboy himself.

Photo: Instagram/BeyonceIt made sense for one of the most powerful couples on the globe to hang out on a fellow billionaire’s dreamboat. A $400 million megayacht built by Lurssen in 2019, the Flying Fox was the world’s biggest charter yacht at the time. As you would expect, its amenities were literally twice as luxurious compared to similar vessels – two helipads instead of one, two chef’s kitchens, both a high-tech cinema and a nightclub, a large pool, and fire pits.

Beyonce and Jay-Z had this massive vessel all to themselves, despite it having enough room for 25 people, plus 55 crew on board. Whether they chose to spend more time relaxing at the wellness center with state-of-the-art features or riding one of the many water toys available, the two had plenty of time for romantic outings as well, as the Flying Fox cruised on the Mediterranean.

Luxury Water Limo in Venice, Italy

It’s not uncommon to take a boat ride in the land of romantic gondolas, but only Beyonce and Jay-Z could turn this into one of the most sophisticated rides. First of all, they weren’t just checking out Venice but attending the ultra-exclusive wedding of their friends, Geraldine Guyot and Alexandre Arnault, whose names are connected to world-renown jewelry brands (after all, Jay-Z recently sported a $6.5 million Tiffany blue Patek Phillipe Nautilus).

Photo: Instagram/BeyonceSecondly, the images shared by the superstar on that occasion reveal the interior of what must have been a luxury water limousine. Unlike common water taxis, these limousines are worth hundreds of thousands of dollars, with a design as exquisite as high-end yachts. From massive wood throughout, and the finest, plush interiors, such boats display the famous Italian craftsmanship in conjunction with advanced navigation technology and the latest entertainment systems.

Also, the most expensive water limos in Venice include perks like bottles of the finest champagne. Since the two are known as champagne connoisseurs, this is most likely the type of limo service that they would have chosen. Their weekend boat rides in Venice alone probably cost more than an entire “regular” vacation.

Helicopter Trips to New York City

You might think that it’s not that big of a deal to take a helicopter ride, for someone who owns a private jet and multiple cars including the most expensive one in the world. But this isn’t about the helicopter itself, as much as it is about choosing it instead of taking a two-hour car ride, and casually landing in Brooklyn, for a lunch date.

The two were on yet another extended vacation, in the Hamptons this time, when they decided to run for a quick lunch in New York. Instead of the relatively short drive, they went for a chopper and arrived in style at an Italian restaurant where they also enjoyed some fine wine. When a helicopter becomes your casual ride for daily affairs, you can say you’ve reached that “relaxed, ultra-luxurious” lifestyle we were talking about.

In fact, many officials were criticized for doing the same thing at the 2021 UN Climate Change Conference (COP26), where they are arrived in private jets, ironically contributing to the phenomenon they’re fighting against.

Photo: Instagram/BeyonceMysterious and coveted, Beyonce and Jay-Z’s rides gave us a peek into the lifestyle of the rich and famous. It will

be interesting to see how they’ll top that in 2022.

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